Lady of the Tower

15.01.2020, Comics
Lady of the Tower

Release Year: 2019

Princess Arielle is in need of a knight in shining armor, but she is sorely disappointed when prince Tristan applies for the job. She has had quite enough of the chivalrous, honor-bound noblemen flocking her way, secretly hoping to be swept off her feet by a handsome devil.
As Tristan makes his way into the castle, an armored pair of huge breasts materializes in front of him. Princess Arielle is ecstatic to see Cerene, the vampire queen, blocking his path. Tristan lunges at his arch nemesis, but he is no match for her. As Cerene disposes of the prince, Arielle's eyes slide over the perfect curves of her body, powerful and enticing. Now that's more like it. Cerene joins Arielle in the tower. Before she can blink, Arielle finds herself lifted in the air and Cerene's tongue is ravaging the velvety depths of her pussy. Just before she cums, Arielle is dropped to her knees. When she looks up, Cerene is towering above her with the biggest cock she's ever had the pleasure of admiring. It's time for a proper knighting ceremony!
This non-canon still image collection was previously a Patreon-exclusive, now available to non-patrons. Lady of the Tower contains 166 images, including cum shots.
What's Included:
209 HD images in jpg format:
166 final images
10 cum shot images
33 outtakes
Please note the following:
This was previously distributed as a Patreon exclusive. If you are currently an active subscriber to Tier 1 or Tier 2 of Miro's Patreon, you will already have received the image set with your subscribtion
Additional Information
Artist/Circle Miro / Affect3D
Feature Big Ass, Big Breasts, Cumshot, Expansion, Femdom, Futanari, Huge Cock, Oral
Genre Fantasy, Mystery
Gender Futanari
Format Image

Lady of the Tower
Lady of the Tower

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Lady of the Tower

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